Imperica: James Stanford

Las Vegas-based artist James Stanford has a myriad of interests including religion (and artistic impressions of religion), spirituality, and metaphysical concepts including illusionistic fictive space. With work including photomontages and roles including Arts Commissioner for the city, he has recently come to London to show his most recent work. The series, Shimmering Zen, offers kaleidoscopic, almost hallucinotory, visions of real life, digitally adapted and modified. James reflects on his life, his home city, and his life in his home city, below.  Read More

Aladdin Dingly II

L'Vegue Magazine: The Many Facets of James Stanford

Some say art imitates life.  In the case of James Stanford, it is difficult to separate his life from his art. He is a native of Las Vegas. He is a classically trained artist. He is a teacher of the arts. He is a patron of the arts. He is a Bodhisattva Zen practitioner. He is a tall, handsome, and graceful man, and his gentle manner is engaging. His knowledge of and passion for the arts are nothing short of enthralling.  Read More

Soul Impact: Mesmerizing Neon Mandalas

Modern Mandala by James Stanford

Modern Mandala by James Stanford

Decoration has soul. While it’s focused on the surface of things, its purpose is to elevate, to embellish the physical and, on some level, the spiritual qualities of whatever it is adorning.

Artist James Stanford creates decorative art by repurposing vintage decorative neon signs found in Las Vegas.

His edition photomontage series, “Indra’s Jewels,” includes a group of digitally reinvented mosaics of patterns that are at once decorative and contemplative. The vibrant images are reminiscent of physics-like models of space, but also have an immaterial, spiritual quality, evoking the artist’s strong connection to Zen Buddhism. > Read More, Beautiful Now