American artist James Stanford, “The Modern Mandala Maker” to be a featured participant at the 20th anniversary edition of Asian Art in London 2017, November 2nd - November 11th


American artist James Stanford’s visually stunning and intricately constructed modern mandala series, Indra’s Jewels, will be premiered during Asian Art in London 2017. This event brings together over 60 of the world’s top dealers, major auction houses and museums for an annual ten-day celebration of the finest in Asian art. Visitors will converge on London for the 20th anniversary edition, which offers gallery selling exhibitions, auctions, receptions, lectures and seminars.

Stanford is delighted to be a part of this premiere showcase for contemporary and antique Asian art: ‘It is with great pleasure that I agreed to participate in this important event. I hope my work will not only be enjoyable for visitors, but will introduce them to the great diversity of Buddhist-inspired artwork being produced today.’ 

Stanford is a leading contemporary interpreter of the ancient traditions of Buddhism, drawing from historic metaphor, Chinese fable and the aesthetics of the Tibetan mandala. His conceptually complex and visually sumptuous work, in which the mandala functions as a way to contemplate both immaterial and material realities, has attracted significant interest through gallery and museum exhibitions in recent years. 

Stanford’s pictures are distinguished by a series of colourfully illuminated flickering networks and layers. He has earned a reputation for creating work that pulls apart ideas both old and new, producing colourful and mesmerising roundels and boxes of shimmering tones and patterns.

Composed of digital photos of historic Las Vegas neon signage and architectural elements from the 1950s and 1960s, and shot in the Nevada desert, the works have been artfully reconfigured using newly developed, purpose-specific technology. Stanford’s intriguing digital reconfigurations convey and respond to the potency of the mandala as a symbol, and to its influence and importance in Asian culture worldwide. His intensely beautiful and sensual images are sure to inspire awe, pleasure and contemplation. 

The exhibition and selling show will be curated by Elizabeth Herridge, art historian, author, consultant, and former Managing Director of the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, Las Vegas, and will take place during Asian Art in London 2017 as part of its programming. There will be an evening event to introduce the artist and his work to the participants of Asian Art in London, as well as to a select audience on Friday, 3 November at The London Library. The exhibition will be held in gallery space at 99 Kensington Church Street and will be a featured participant during the Dealer Open Evening event to be held there on Saturday, 4 November. 

A book entitled Shimmering Zen will be published by Ianthe Press, London and launched to coincide with the exhibition. It will include essays by the artist and the curator, and a foreword by Jeff Rosen, Vice President, The Higher Learning Commission, Evanston, Illinois. Rosen’s book Julia Margaret Cameron’s ‘Fancy Subjects’: Photographic allegories of Victorian identity and empire was published recently by Manchester University Press. 

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